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S.W.A.T. Magazine November 2013

Articles in this issue:

UTS-15 Shotgun

S&W Model 327 TRR8

Force-on-Force at Mindset Laboratory

Unorthodox Rifle Shooting Positions

Thunder Ranch Mid-Range Rifle Course



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S.W.A.T. October 2013

In this issue:

Red Dots For Handguns

Plants As Home Security

Firearms Training Courses

Edged Weapon Class

SBR Twist Rates

Daniel Defense Tour

Del-Ton Evolution AR



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SWAT September 2013 Issue

Articles in this issue:

.308 ARs

Gear for Everyday Carry

Sig Sauer P938

Force-on-Force Training at LMS Defense

Converting AKSU to PAP M85 PV

MetroArms American Classic Commander


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SWAT August 2013 Issue

In this issue:

Sig Sauer SIG50

Civilian Response To Active Shooter

Semi-auto vs pump shotgun

The case for weapon mounted lights

The importance of ambidextrous controls for your AR

In-place survival


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Blue Press July 2013


Articles in this issue:

No-bull Bullpup: The Kel-Tec KSG

Grandpa Dillon’s .45: Its First Hundred Years

Classic Firearms: The Remington Model 870 Shotgun

A New Concept in Police Firearms Qualification

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The Year In Special Operations

2013-2014 Edition

From DefenseMediaNetwork




Worldwide SOF Evolving to Meet Emerging Threats

SOF Ground Vehicles

M45A1: A New Cold .45 for the 21st Century

The Evolution of the M134D Minigun

OPERATION HAWKEYE: Shooting Hoops to Help the Families of Fallen Heroes

A Rich Legacy: The Origins of Air Force Special Operations Command

Special Operations Forces and the Liberation of Iraq

Task Force Ranger 20th Anniversary: The Battle of Mogadishu, Oct. 3, 1993

USSOCOM’s First Test of Fire: Operations Prime Chance and Praying Mantis

URGENT FURY: U.S. Special Operations Forces, Grenada 1983

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Defense – Spring 2013

In this issue:

In a Time of Budget Difficulties, an Opportunity for Reform

Reinvigorating Research and Development

Developing Tactical Excellence

National Ballistic Missile Defense

50 Years of SOUTHCOM

The Rise of Soldier Systems

The F/A-18 Celebrates 35 Years

Shallow Water, Special Craft



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SWAT Magazine July 2013

In this issue:

Will 300 BLK be the new military caliber?

Two new Ruger pistols

Patrol Rifle

Silencerco Saker Suppressor


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Cheaper Than Dirt Newsletter: Chronicle

Cheaper Than Dirt has recently begun publishing a newsletter.

Read it here.

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Blue Press January 2013


Slide Fire Stock for AK-47

1855 Musket

Kriss CRB

IDPA Classifier


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Blue Press December 2012



Smith and Wesson Model 1

IDPA Classifier: Shooting While Moving

Try Shooting a Revolver

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Dillon Blue Press Nov 2012


CZ 97B

Katie Weilage: Instructor for the Mi-8/17

IDPA Classifier: Modified El Presidente

Youth Cowboy Action

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S.W.A.T. November 2012


Ballistic Advantage Custom Rifle

Mossberg 464 SPX Lever Gun


Hi-Point Carbine: Budget Gun

Ruger Triple Play: Ruger SR-556, Ruger SR1911 and Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

10-8 Consulting: Diagnostics & Operation Course for 1911

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Recoil: the Comedy of Errors Grows Worse

From:  KitUp

If you’re following the ongoing debacle that is Recoil, you’ll love this next bit: the recent statement from Joe Galloway is now officially not the official Recoil stance.


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Blue Press October 2012


2012 Shootists Holiday

Three Arizona Junior Rifle Teammates Receive Military Academy Appointments

A Workout Routine for the Rifleman in a Rush

Should You Use a Mag Funnel or Not

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