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Recoil Magazine

There is a new magazine on the newsstands this month called Recoil. The magazine is marketing itself as a “gun lifestyle” magazine. This magazine looks like the WIRED of gun magazines with a textured, thick cover and a larger than normal size. Some of the features of the debut issue include:

Review of HK MR556A1

How to customize your truck as a bug-out ride.

A review of some of the popular outdoor watches

A buyers guide of some popular knifes

ATV guide

A profile of competitive shooter JJ Racaza

The ultimate zombie-proof house in Poland

Review of SCAR17S

Profile of  training company Redback One and its founder Jason Falla

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Uncle Ted’s Hunting Ammo

Ted Nugent now has his own line of hunting ammunition.

From GunUp:

Pierce Munitions, LLC of Buffalo, NY has entered an exclusive agreement to manufacture the high performance hunting ammunition for avid hunter and music legend Ted Nugent.

Pierce Munitions is a company whose main focus is producing high quality performance ammunition. The Ted Nugent Brand will be available for retail distribution exclusively through American Tactical Imports, Rochester, NY.

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PNW Arms 300BLK Loads

PNW Arms is producing 300BLK in four variations: a 147gr FMJBT “Range” round, a 155gr BTHP “Match” round, a 125gr ballistic tip “Hunting” round and a 220gr HPBT subsonic “Defensive” round.

The GearScout blog will be conducting a 2,000 round test of PNW’s Match ammo.

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Daniel Defense 300BLK M4

Daniel Defense has announced that they will be producing an M4 in 300BLK this year.

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Gunblast Review of 300 Blackout AR Upper

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.300 Blackout Ammo Comparison

Over at The Truth About Guns they have a nice rundown of some popular .300 Blackout loads with graphs, as well as cost comparisons and how the round stacks up against .308 and .223 loads.

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Cautionary Tale: Birdshot is for Birds – Bad Guys require 00 Buckshot

Old_Painless: “I received a note from a police officer that asked me not to mention names or locations about this true event.

A police officer was involved in some shotgun training, where they used #6 birdshot in the training due to lower cost. After the training session, he forgot to remove the birdshot and replace it with 00 Buckshot, the normal carry load.

That night, while on patrol, he confronted a couple of burglars and was in a shootout with them. He shot both of them with his shotgun, but forgot that he had it loaded with birdshot.

They killed the officer and escaped.

Never use birdshot against goblins. Use plated 00 Buckshot.”

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Corrosive Ammo Damage

wild50gunner: “My in depth analysis of damage done to a Arsenal SGL-31 that went without maintainance for 9 months after fireing corrosive Rusian surplus 7n6”

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Brownells November Super Selections

Click here for November specials from Brownells.

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5.56 Green Tip Ammo Specials! Limited Supply!

From Natchez Shooters Supplies:

2000/pk Federal 5.56 62gr Green Tip  $629

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PWS MK116 in 300 Blackout

In this episode of the PWS Minute, Stacey Nagy covers the MK109 and MK116 in 300 Blackout. Find out more at primaryweapons (dot) com.

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“Old_Painless” Tests Cheap 9mm Ammo Accuracy

The complete test details are here:

Old_Painless: “We shot several groups with the following:

Handloads, 115 grain Remington JHP, 5.0 gr. WW 231.

Winchester White Box 9mm.

Wolf 9mm.

And Blazer 9mm.

Lessons learned:

1. Our general opinion as to accuracy is that they were good. Wolf was best, next Winchester White Box, and then Blazer. But all were accurate.

2. All ammo functioned 100%. I had carried this Glock 34 to Thunder Ranch three times, and it has never failed.

3. We have over 80+ years of handloading and make some good handloads. We use a Dillon press. But the factory stuff was slightly better accuracy-wise than our stuff. The difference in price is very small.

Bottom Line: You can’t justify handloading at the present low prices of this cheap 9mm ammo.

And even though it is relatively cheap, it is plenty accurate.”

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Fiocci “Canned Heat” Ammo

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The Shotgun Meets the Box O’ Truth

by Old_Painless

“I built the “Box O’ Truth”.

This is the Box.

The purpose of the Box is to test the penetration of various rounds.

People often say, “I think…”. “I suppose…”, “I bet…”, when discussing facts like penetration of ammunition.

There is only one way to know how much a certain round penetrates.

You must shoot it into a medium and see for a fact.

The Box O’ Truth is loaded with 12 sheets of 5/8″ sheetrock, backed up by a jug of water to try to “catch” anything that might penetrate all 12 boards.

It is backed-up by a wall of bricks.

I tried a variety of different shotgun loads.

Lessons learned:

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300BLK Wins USPSA National Multigun

From the GearScout blog:

The win for 300BLK is significant because it shows a use for the round outside of clearing rooms in unfriendly nations. 300BLK allows shooting sports competitors to use the lightweight and ubiquitous AR platform to compete effectively against heavier, higher caliber guns.

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