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The War On Gun Culture

From Bearing Arms:

However, maybe it is time that we spend a bit more time declaring our allegiance to the Second Amendment publicly. I’m not talking about telling your friends you support it, either. I suspect the average Bearing Arms reader’s friends and family are already aware.

No, I’m talking about wearing pro-Second Amendment clothing, brands, and other such items. Wearing a Glock ball cap while wearing a snarky pro-gun shirt will signal to people that you support the Second Amendment. If people see it enough, they’ll come to understand that we’re all around them and represent no threat. We’ve always been there, and we’ve never been a threat.

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Surveillance Planes Tracked Over Baltimore

From The Washington Post:

Discovery of the flights — which involved at least two airplanes and the assistance of the FBI — has prompted the American Civil Liberties Union to demand answers about the legal authority for the operations and the reach of the technology used. Planes armed with the latest surveillance systems canmonitor larger areas than police helicopters and stay overhead longer, raising novel civil liberties issues that have so far gotten little scrutiny from courts.


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Rise of the Warrior Cop

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko will be released this summer. You can pre-order now on

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Former Secret Service Agent Speaks About Gun Rights

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“We Are Trying To Protect Others From Feeling Uncomfortable”

Those are the words of Colorado Senator Ted Harvey to the victim of a rape. She was arguing in defense of concealed carry on campus.

I didn’t know our rights could be stripped because someone at some point may feel uncomfortable. Never mind the fact that the person wouldn’t know who is carrying and who isn’t.

Here is a clip of the testimony from the Colorado hearing:

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FBI Briefs Congress on New ID Tech and How It Affects Citizen’s Privacy

CJIS Executive Briefs Congress on Next Generation Identification Initiative

July 18, 2012

Jerome Pender, deputy assistant director of our Criminal Justice Information Services Division, updated members of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law on the status of the Bureau’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) program.


What Facial Recognition Technology Means for Privacy and Civil Liberties

Jerome M. Pender , Deputy Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Information Services Division , Federal Bureau of Investigation , Statement Before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law

– Washington, D.C.

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