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Future Of Defense Distributed And Gun Technology

From Reason:

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Defense Distributed Press Conference

From Defense Distributed:

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NRA Is Now Selling Insurance For Self Defense

From Politico:

…last month the NRA announced a new insurance product, Carry Guard, which they marketed to their millions of members online and at their annual meeting in Atlanta. The idea of firearms liability insurance has been previously championed by gun safety advocates on the left, who envisioned insurance as an instrument of public safety that could encourage safer guns and safer behavior. As implemented by the NRA, though, firearms liability insurance has a different function—to insulate gun owners from the expense and other possible consequences of a shooting.

Powell explains that Carry Guard was created to accommodate the needs of a changing culture in the U.S., where more people carry concealed weapons. “There’s just been this incredible carry revolution that’s taken place over the past eight years, and you know, the NRA started it. We started this in Florida 35 or 36 years ago, passing the first concealed carry bill. And so this is really a response to that movement and our members saying ‘Hey, we need you guys to be the gold standard for training, liability insurance— everything concealed carry.’”

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D.C. Gun Case in Limbo for Four Years

From World Net Daily:

“We realize this is a difficult step to take,” said Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, “but this case has been languishing for 1,475 days and counting since it was ready for decision.”

He pointed to a previous case litigated by his organization, Moore v. Madigan, which challenged the carry ban in Illinois. The trial court took 172 days to rule, he noted, and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals took 202 days.

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