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Journalism Primer on Guns

From Journalists Resource:

Guns are one of the most divisive topics in the United States, so it’s crucial for journalists to get the details right — down to the type and style of weapon being discussed.

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The War On Gun Culture

From Bearing Arms:

However, maybe it is time that we spend a bit more time declaring our allegiance to the Second Amendment publicly. I’m not talking about telling your friends you support it, either. I suspect the average Bearing Arms reader’s friends and family are already aware.

No, I’m talking about wearing pro-Second Amendment clothing, brands, and other such items. Wearing a Glock ball cap while wearing a snarky pro-gun shirt will signal to people that you support the Second Amendment. If people see it enough, they’ll come to understand that we’re all around them and represent no threat. We’ve always been there, and we’ve never been a threat.

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Op Ed: Our Culture of Gun Addiction

Retired Psychologist wants regulations on ads of guns, just like tobacco.

From Savannah Now:

The hard truth is that we live in a gun culture — collectively accepting guns as part of our lives. Gun messages pervade our senses in the form of billboards, gun magazines and the high number of retail stores selling guns. These messages are so commonplace that we have become immune to how unique we are in the civilized world.

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EU Tries To Mess With Swiss Gun Laws


Switzerland and the European Union are at odds over efforts by the EU to curb the neutral country’s treasured gun culture and citizen-soldier tradition.

While not an EU-member, Switzerland has entered into a series of treaties over the years to adopt various laws in conjunction with the organization in order to trade freely with in the European Single Market. At the same time, the Alpine country, which has been more or less neutral since splitting from the Holy Roman Empire in 1499, has maintained a tradition of national service in their military while keeping some of the loosest gun laws in Europe if not the world.

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Is The Gun Culture To Blame For America’s Foreign Policy?

Tyler Cowen seems to think so:

Gun possession breeds a certain kind of kick-ass mentality—”martial culture”—that doesn’t stop at the border’s edge, but spills “over there.” Therefore, if libertarians want to restrain America’s adventurism abroad, they will have to stop looking at guns from a narrow rights-based perspective, as is their wont, and start looking at them from the standpoint of the undesirable foreign policy consequences they produce—and so accept some gun regulation.

Reason’s reply:

As a naturalized American from India, I have always been both amused and bemused by the American romance with guns. I have also observed firsthand the destabilizing effect of America’s post-9/11 “martial interventions” near my native country. Thus, if there were a serious chance that restrictions on gun rights would help reduce Uncle Sam’s war mongering, I would consider it. But color me dubious.

Cowen’s argument is intriguing and original—not to mention refreshing in that it doesn’t put the religious faith that liberals do in gun control diminshing violence. It also has a certain intuitive plausibility. But does support for private gun rights actually generate a spirit of martial interventionism? Actually, as far as libertarians are concerned, the connection runs in the other direction.

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One Third of Americans Own Guns

From US News:

“We were not surprised by the degree of gun ownership,” said study lead author Bindu Kalesan. “But what is never really emphasized in studies that quantify ownership is how it relates to the concept of gun culture — meaning involvement in social events that revolve around guns.”

The poll of 4,000 adults indicated that gun owners are more than twice as likely as non-owners to engage in gun-related activities involving friends and family.


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What Europeans Don’t Understand About Americans

From The Fiscal Times:

What foreigners should understand is that this is part of our culture, not a lack of progress toward some world norm. Americans own 88 guns per 100 people, but that doesn’t mean ownership is evenly spread. For many, especially in rural parts of the country, owning and using guns is just a completely integrated part of life, like using household appliances.

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Anthony Bourdain Talks Sense About Guns

Bourdain has an written a calm article about American gun culture on his personal weblog. He admits that he is a “lefty” and that he likes guns. Why does he like them? Because he has experience with them and it is plain fun. The article is written by a liberal for liberals, to try and slowly nudge them towards the idea that most gun owners are sane. He does a good job of talking about the people and not the object of hatred that gets people so fired up. His article gives me hope that we can find some common ground, it just might take some time.

Bourdain’s show on CNN: Parts Unknown

His show No Reservations is available streaming on Netflix

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