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Bill Whittle: Guns, Knives, Facebook and Free Speech

Bill Whittle:

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Are Age Limits For Guns Constitutional?

From The Washington Examiner:

Some federal courts have dealt with a different firearm age limit, upholding the 21-year-old age requirement for handgun sales by licensed dealers. That rule passed Congress in the Gun Control Act of 1968, long before the AR-15 became one of the nation’s most popular guns, and doesn’t ban young-adult handgun possession.

Michael Connelly, executive director of the U.S. Justice Foundation, a public interest law firm that supports gun-rights advocates, said, “I think an effort to ban people between 18 and 21 from purchasing AR-15s would be vulnerable to a Second Amendment challenge, particularly in light of the current makeup of the Supreme Court.”

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Peter van Uhm: The Gun As An Instrument Of Peace

From TED Talks:

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8 Checks on Your New Gun

From American Rifleman:

In pursuing both personal and professional shooting endeavors over the last several years, I’ve prepared a fair number of new and used firearms for first-time trips to the shooting range. Experience has taught me that one can never assume a gun is ready to shoot until it has been thoroughly checked out. While some gun problems will not present themselves until the gun is fired, many potential issues can be resolved or avoided if they are identified before the trigger is pressed. Here are a few important steps to take before loading a new gun, or a used gun you have never fired:


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Anthony Bourdain Talks Sense About Guns

Bourdain has an written a calm article about American gun culture on his personal weblog. He admits that he is a “lefty” and that he likes guns. Why does he like them? Because he has experience with them and it is plain fun. The article is written by a liberal for liberals, to try and slowly nudge them towards the idea that most gun owners are sane. He does a good job of talking about the people and not the object of hatred that gets people so fired up. His article gives me hope that we can find some common ground, it just might take some time.

Bourdain’s show on CNN: Parts Unknown

His show No Reservations is available streaming on Netflix

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Ted Nugent On Self-Defense

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