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Gun Rights Outreach

From The Truth About Guns:

When I formed Armed Equality I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to take the group in terms of big picture, long term goals. I just knew I needed to do something helpful in response to the Pulse nightclub hate crime and terrorist attack. I started by reaching out to local shops and instructors to feel out who would be the most supportive.

Part of our cause is helping people in non-traditional demographics feel comfortable in 2A community spaces. If this sounds like a foreign or ridiculous concern to you, chances are you’re a non-LGBT white male and that’s okay. None of us has any influence over the gender, sex, or race we came into this world with, as and we all have extremely different life experiences.

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Gays Continue To Arm Two Years After Shooting


“I DON’T want to get beaten to death, stabbed and burnt alive,” a slight woman with long blond hair and a checked shirt says. “I want a gun to feel equal.”

She is a member of one of the United States’ fastest growing gun clubs, the jauntily named Pink Pistols.

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Pink Pistols Chapters Increase

From LA Times:

Interest in the Pink Pistols has increased since the Orlando attack, with new chapters springing up across the country, including the West Hollywood chapter and another one in North Hollywood. There was such an outpouring of support from firearms trainers, many of them straight, that the Pink Pistols’ website now has a map listing LGBT-friendly firearms instructors in every state.

A fifth of the 5,462 single-bias hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2014, the most recent year for which data are available, were because of the victim’s sexual orientation or identity as a transgender or gender non-conforming person. That was higher than the number of religiously motivated hate crimes and surpassed only by racially motivated hate crimes. And, experts say, the number is disproportionate because of the relatively small size of the LGBT community.

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Pink Pistol Membership Rises In Wake Of Orlando

From Spero News:

The group says that its goals to help people “select a firearm, acquire a permit and receive proper training in its safe and legal use for self-defense.” In Atlanta, the Pink Pistols chapter has doubled to 230 as the city prepares for a Gay Pride celebration in October. Delta Airlines is one of the sponsors of the festivities.
A member of the Atlanta Pink Pistols, Chris Willis, told CBS46 that since the Orlando massacre, not only has membership in his organization increased, but gays, lesbians, and persons of other persuasions have shown a surge in interest in self-defense and firearms.

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Judge Rules In Favor Of Gun Rights On Behalf Of Gay Group

From LGBTQ Nation:

The group, which advocates for gay Americans to carry firearms, just won a major victory on Tuesday: a federal judge in Washington halted enforcement of a portion of the city’s strict gun law, ordering Washington DC police to stop requiring residents to demonstrate they have “a good reason to fear injury,” which he ruled places “an unconstitutional burden” on citizens’ right to bear arms.

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Pink Pistols: Gay Gun Rights Group

Their website is mostly a list of press releases but they do have information on starting a local chapter. The organization is mostly focused on self defense and CHLs because gays have been specifically targeted in the past. It is no different than the sixties when blacks were targeted for beatings. The minority used guns to defend itself then and they are doing so now.

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