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School Buys Hockey Pucks To Fend Off Shooters

From Reason:

A college in Michigan thinks the best way for students and professors to defend themselves in the event of a mass shooting might be to throw hockey pucks at the gunman.

To that end, Oakland University’s faculty union purchased 800 pucks for professors and 1,700 for students, according to NPR. Oakland Police Chief Mark Gordon described the hockey pucks as a “spur-of-the-moment idea that seemed to have some merit to it.”

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Texas ISD Approves Arming Teachers

From Bearing Arms:

Employees of Paradise ISD — northwest of Eagle Mountain Lake — will be allowed to carry firearms following the Monday vote, district superintendent Dr. Paul Uttle said.

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Feds May Issue Grant Money To Arm Teachers

From Washington Times:

The Education Department would not confirm the plans, first reported by The New York Times, saying only that it is “constantly considering and evaluating policy issues.”

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Gun Free Zone Morality


By taking away our means of self-defense and refusing to provide a suitable substitute, gun-free zones violate our right to life.

Our right to defend ourselves isn’t a function of the risk of our being victimized. Rights are grounded in the dignity of the individual, not statistical averages. Self-defense is a liberty that I have by virtue of being a human being. I don’t lose that right just because the circumstances in which I will need to use it are statistically rare. Otherwise, this same argument could be used to rule out any kind of self-defense.

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Despite Laws LA Schools Fail Safety Test

From Daily Caller:

A Blue Ribbon Panel on School Safety, organized by Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, cautioned that Los Angeles schools may not be meeting adequate safety measures, even though the city and state of California has tough gun laws, according to a report released Monday.

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Oregon Proposes Gun Safety Class In Schools

From The Statesman Journal:

Gun-rights advocates last week filed an initiative petition to make firearms-safety instruction mandatory in all sixth-grade public schools in Oregon.

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Teacher Jokes About Assassinating Trump

From Dallas News:

A Dallas ISD teacher has been placed on administrative leave by the district for posting a video on social media that shows her shooting a water gun at an image of President Donald Trump and yelling “Die!” in a classroom.

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Actress Has Armed Bodyguard At “Gun-free” University

From Fox News:

A Brown University rep says he is unable to answer questions about why Emma Watson had an undercover armed guard with her during graduation ceremonies.

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Man Charged With Felony for Knife Possession

From The Heritage Foundation:

Eighteen year-old Jordan Wiser is training to be a firefighter. He’s a certified emergency vehicle operator who works as a first responder when he’s not attending high school. And, after just spending 13 days in jail, he’s now facing felony charges for weapons possession.

The weapon? A pocketknife. It was in his EMT vest, and he uses it to cut through seatbelts when he’s practicing saving lives.

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US Troops fight to re-open school in Taliban area

In this photograph taken Sept. 10, 2010, an Afghan soldier looks out from a guard tower above the Pir Mohammed school, in Zhari district, Kandahar province, south of Kabul, Afghanistan. Over the last six months, U.S. troops have wrested the school away from insurgents. They've hired Afghan contractors to rebuild it, and lost blood defending it. But the tiny school has yet to open, and nobody's quite sure when it will. (AP Photo/Adil Bradlow)

“Over the last six months, U.S. troops have wrested the school away from insurgents. They’ve hired Afghan contractors to rebuild it, and lost blood defending it.

But the tiny school has yet to open, and nobody’s quite sure when it will.

American commanders have called the Pir Mohammed primary school “the premier development project” in Zhari district, a Taliban heartland in Kandahar province at the center of …. [the] 30,000-man surge.”

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Train with Trident

From the Trident Training Group website:

TridentTrident Training Group is committed to providing private citizens, corporations and government agencies with the tools they need to navigate life safely and effectively while maximizing physical potential.  Our leadership and cadre’s experience and backgrounds range from U.S. Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, U.S. Marine Corps  and several Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.  At Trident we incorporate realistic training scenarios and use the most up to date tactics and techniques preformed by operators in the field.  It is our goal to enable our clients to achieve their personal goals in fitness and personal defense.  With our unique facilities and cadre, we work together with our clients to ensure they accomplish their next level of performance.

Trident Training Group

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