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Texas Loosens Regulations on Short Shotguns


A provision which lifts the ban on non-National Firearms Act, short-barreled firearms with a pistol grip in Texas will take effect next month.

The modification to the Lone Star State’s firearms laws, HB 1819 makes tweaks to the state’s suppressor regulations as well as making firearms such as the Mossberg 590 Shockwave legal to transfer.

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Canada Rolls Back Gun Registry

From National Post:

Bill C-19, the Ending the Long Gun Registry Act, is guaranteed to pass through the House of Commons, thanks to the Conservative government’s majority, but more political wrangling is expected to follow.

The federal law will end the requirement for lawful gun owners to register their long guns, and it relaxes rules around selling or transferring guns. Gun licences for individuals will still be required, and the registry for restricted and prohibited firearms such as handguns will be maintained.

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Fausti Shotguns

Fausti unveiled a new 20 gauge English style side-by-side at the 2010 SHOT show.

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Home Defense Shotguns


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