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South Dakota Passes Constitutional Carry

From Gun Rights Watch:

As of July 1st this year, a new law allowing both South Dakota residents and visitors to carry concealed handguns called Constitutional Carry will go into effect. Gov. Kristi Noem tweeted yesterday that she will sign the bill today, which had passed the House and Senate within the past few weeks.

South Dakota is the 13th state to pass such a law. The state has restored the rights of its citizens to protect themselves however they see fit without government interference.

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South Dakota Senate Passes Constitutional Carry


The measure, Senate Bill 47, zipped through the chamber’s judiciary committee last week and sailed to an easy 23-11 victory this week in the Republican-controlled body, heading to the state House for further consideration. The move would repeal the requirement that those carrying a concealed pistol or revolver first obtain a license to do so.

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Constitutional Carry Moving Forward

From The Truth About Guns:

State Rep. Jonathan Stickland has filed a bill to allow “Constitutional Carry” — to let any Texan who legally owns a handgun carry it openly or concealed without first getting a permit— across the state.

After years of unsuccessful attempts, supporters of legislation that would allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit in South Dakota anticipate revived prospects for the conservative prize once GOP Gov.-elect Kristi Noem takes office in January.

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