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Brownells’ YouTube Channel Restored

From Truth About Guns:

Early this morning, Brownells sent out a Tweet indicating that YouTube had restored their channel. YouTube has had gun owners very upset with them for months now. However, the national media attention drawn by banning Brownells probably caused YouTube and its parent company Google a little too much bad publicity.

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YouTube Shuts Down Brownells Channel

From Townhall:

YouTube suddenly terminated the channel for the firearms parts company Brownells, the company claimed on Saturday.

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Guns, Bans and YouTube

From Free The People:

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Un-ban James Yeager

From Warrior Poet Society:


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Smooth Mosin Bolt

From IV8888:

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Pastor Joe On Orlando And Guns

From YouTube:

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Pastor Dowell On The Gun Ban

From YouTube:

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NRA News On All Digital Platforms

From NRA News:

Get the world’s most comprehensive coverage of Second Amendment issues, events and culture with original programming from NRA News. Tune in to watch the latest episodes from all your favorite NRA News series or catch up on past seasons.

NRA News programming is available anywhere and anytime on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, web-connected TV via browser, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, YouTube, Facebook or SiriusXM radio.

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Tech Firm Developed Spyware For Foreign Governments

From The Washington Post:

Merely by playing a YouTube video or visiting a Microsoft Live service page, for instance, an unknown number of computers around the world have been implanted with Trojan horses by government security services that siphon their communications and files. Google, which owns YouTube, and Microsoft are racing to close the vulnerability.

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ATF Raids FPSRussia With No Probable Cause


When talked to the ATF about this incident the ATF spokesman Richard Coes said he didn’t know why ATF agents suspected Myers of wrongdoing.  However, he told local media that “the claim is that he was using explosives and getting paid for it via YouTube.”

Tannerite is used in many of his videos, which is legal to own. Expect the ATF to “make a ruling” that tannerite is now illegal.

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You Tube Confession of Juarez Female Extortionist (Later Executed) is Revealing

“Diario today runs a story with a link to a You Tube video in which a woman, flanked by two hooded men with assault rifles, confesses to having been an extortionist for La Linea, on the payroll for $160 per week. A list on notepad paper with the names of businesses she was extorting is shown during the interview.

The video appears to have been taken by a vigilante group that captured her. The woman, who identifies herself as Sanjuana Gabriela Enríquez Galván, was later executed and her body was discovered in Col. Melchor Ocampo, face down, with a message on her tee shirt saying “I’m an Extortion(ist) for La Linea.”

A red rose was placed on her back.”

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