Combat to Clays: A Woman’s Journey

From: Heide Kaser

When I left the FBI Academy after sixteen weeks of training in 1986, I was covered in

Heide Kaser

Heide Kaser

the most beautiful shades of purple, green, and yellow from my face to my collarbone, and down my bicep. The shotgun was too long, and my long neck and high cheekbones made it impossible to mount the gun properly to my shoulder while maintaining a proper sight picture (which is critical to defensive shotgun shooting). I lifted my face off the gun while shooting creating a horrible flinch, and all of the bad habits that ensue when shooting an ill-fitted gun followed suit. I was convinced that no one had ever hated a shotgun like I did in my bruised and frustrated condition.

Despite all odds, I was determined to accomplish two things:  learn to shoot properly

Heide Kaser

Heide Kaser

without pain, and share with others (especially women), the training and tricks I had learned over time. Thirteen years later, armed with the knowledge that comes from first-hand experience and training, I was hired by the NRA’s Law Enforcement Activities Division. I had the opportunity to share what I had learned by training police officers and members of the military to become Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors in handgun, rifle, and yes, shotgun.

I set my sights on expanding my shotgun knowledge into other realms.I sought out top combat and competitive instructors, and made great progress after spending a week at Tac Pro Shooting Center in Texas with Bill Davidson, and practicing with the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Grand Master Greg Wodack (who manages the NRA Range in Fairfax, VA).


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