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Iranian Shock Troops in Venezuela?

Iran Flag

“A Pentagon report to Congress about Iran’s current and future military strategy noted the activities of an elite unit, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – Qod Force.

The Qod Force’s role is to “clandestinely exert military, political and economic power to advance Iranian national interests abroad.” Those activities range from gathering intelligence to supplying training, arms and financial support to surrogate groups and terrorist organizations, according to the 12-page unclassified version of the report. Those groups include Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine.

The Qods Force is well-established in the Middle East and North Africa “and recent years have witnessed an increased presence in Latin America, particularly Venezuela,” the Pentagon report said, noting that if the U.S. gets more involved in local conflicts in those regions, contact with the Qods Force “directly, or through extremist groups it supports, will be more frequent and consequential.”

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Virginia Politician Wants Tougher Illegal Immigration Laws

“Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, is proposing model legislation for Virginia legislators to consider based on the new Arizona immigration law.

“It will require officers to check immigration status of any person who is detained for any reason whatsoever if there is reasonable suspicion that the person is an illegal immigrant, but it’s important to note that the person must be lawfully stopped.”

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Elena Kagan will be a solid vote against the Second Amendment if confirmed

by Luke O’Dell, Director of Operations, National Association for Gun Rights

“Just a few days ago, Senator Graham (R – SC) voted with the gun-grabbers on the Judiciary committee for confirmation of Elena “not sympathetic to your gun rights” Kagan to the Supreme Court.

That kind of defeatist pandering makes me sick, especially when it’s clear that Kagan will bring an ardently anti-gun agenda to the Supreme Court.

Elena Kagan will be a solid vote against the Second Amendment if confirmed, but they don’t want the public to see that for themselves.

We know that:

– Kagan said she is “not sympathetic” to the right to keep and bear arms.

– Kagan supports gun licensing and registration.

– Kagan dismisses the notion that the Second Amendment deserves “unlimited protection against governmental regulation.”

– Kagan personally drafted an executive order for Bill Clinton that banned the importation of semi-automatic firearms.

On top of another Graham betrayal of conservatives, Indiana Republican Richard Lugar is planning to join Graham in support of Kagan’s nomination.

Make no mistake Lugar and Graham are complicit in selling out YOUR Second Amendment rights.”

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Alan Keyes: Unconstitutional attack on the state of Arizona

Alan Keyes

“Back in April, I wrote a column pointing to the constitutional provision (Article I, Section 10) that recognizes that when one of the United States is “actually invaded,” the state government may act, without federal authorization, to defend itself.

Due to the federal government’s ongoing dereliction, in open and abusive defiance of existing federal law, Arizona and several other states of the Union are the victims of an ongoing invasion, which endangers and damages the lives and livelihood of their inhabitants.

According to the Constitution’s language, when actually invaded, a state may go to war in defense of its citizens. Arizona has undertaken instead to respond to the invasion by directing its police forces to make a special effort to do what the federal government refuses to do – carry out existing federal law.

But even if there were no such federal laws, Arizona has the clear constitutional prerogative to respond to the actual invasion of its territory.”

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Germany’s domestic intelligence service keeping people with “unconstitutional intentions” under surveillance

by Joseph Farah

“Do you think a political party that seeks to dismantle, ignore or discard a nation’s constitution should be permitted to participate in the electoral process?

It is a question that has been asked before in other countries and is still being asked today.

When communist parties, sworn to revolutionary change, competed in elections around the world in previous decades, there were often real fears that upon taking power they would do away with future elections.

The same fear has abounded in elections in nations where radical Islam is on the ascendancy.

And today in Germany the federal office in charge of protecting the nation’s constitution is keeping leaders of the so-called “Left Party” under surveillance – a decision affirmed this week by the courts.”

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‘Indignant’ Muslims reject U.S. request to counter violent extremism

“A series of e-mails from the Department of Homeland Security, the federal agency that has warned of a threat from “right-wing extremists” like those worried about national sovereignty, reveals the agency has held a series of meetings with Muslims who apparently rejected the government’s request to help counter violent extremism.”

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Sarkozy wants to revoke the French citizenship of immigrants who target police

PARIS — President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday that he wants to revoke the French citizenship of immigrants who put the lives of police officers in danger as part of a “national war” on delinquency.

“French nationality should be earned. One must know how to be worthy of it,” the president said. French nationality should be revoked “from any person of foreign origin who voluntarily threatens the life of a police officer” or other public authority, he said.”

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Escalating Violence From the Animal Liberation Front

This report is republished with permission of STRATFOR

By Scott Stewart

On July 22, special agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the FBI arrested Walter Bond in Denver and charged him with conducting the April 30 arson that destroyed a Glendale, Colo., business, the Sheepskin Factory, which sold a variety of sheepskin products. According to an affidavit completed by a special agent assigned to the Denver ATF field office, Bond used the nom de guerre, “ALF Lone Wolf” and boasted to a confidential informant that he not only torched the Sheepskin Factory but also was responsible for a June 5 fire at a leather factory in Salt Lake City and a July 3 fire at a restaurant in Sandy, Utah.

The Bond case serves as a reminder that activists with organizations such as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) are still very active — indeed, there have been several firebombing attacks by such activists in the United States this year, not only at businesses but also at the homes of animal researchers. And there have been scores of animal rights-related attacks in other countries, with Mexico being among the most active. The Bond case also provides an opportunity to examine the manner in which the animal liberation movement conducts its leaderless resistance campaign, to draw lessons from the case and to assess the trajectory of the animal rights movement. Read the rest of this entry »

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Old News? Rancher sued by illegal aliens who trespassed on his land

"This is my land. I'm the victim here," Mr. Barnett said. "When someone's home and loved ones are in jeopardy and the government seemingly can't do anything about it, I feel justified in taking matters into my own hands. And I always watch my back."

“Roger Barnett owns a 22,000 acre ranch (35 square miles) along the border in southeastern Arizona. The ranch lies from 2 to 5 miles from the Mexican border. In the past 6 1/2 years, Roger Barnett, with only the help of his wife and brother, has apprehended nearly 12,000 illegal aliens on his ranch. Mr. Barnett has testified before Congress on the illegal immigration problem. No action has been taken.

Then he was sued by 16 illegal aliens he found and detained on his property.

Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), February 18, 2009. The jury in Tucson rejected nearly all of the substantive claims brought by MALDEF against the Arizona rancher in 2004. Federal district judge John M. Roll also threw out related conspiracy complaints against Mr. Barnett’s wife Barbara and his brother Donald, and dismissed the claims brought by ten illegal aliens who did not testify in court.”

Ranching is tough enough without having to deal with thousands of illegal alien trespassers – I bring up this bit of recent history as a reminder: this has been an on-going problem for years and even when the trespassers are not drug cartel killers, it is something that should have been stopped long ago.

Clearly, the Federal Government has not stepped up to the plate, they need to get out of the way of the States if they are not going to help.

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In Iraq, Jieddo has succeeded in drastically reducing the carnage caused by IEDs.

Photo: Tom Schierlitz; IED models: Based on actual bombs constructed by Prop House Weapons Specialists Ltd.

There was a time he [Schoenfeld] would get to know soldiers only to have them sign off from a video chat and never return.

“It was very sad,” he says. “The output of these devices was devastating.” These days, things are different.

He shows me an 8-inch-thick block of military-grade steel — “rolled homogeneous armor,” he calls it — with a 2-inch-wide hole blasted all the way through by shrapnel from a test IED charge.

New armored vehicles can take damage like this, Schoenfeld says, and the occupants can tell him about it on video afterward.

“I get people standing in front of holes like these, smiling,” he tells me. “They say, ‘Yeah: I got back out and shot the guy that did this.’”

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Time Magazine cover: Aisha

“Our cover image this week is powerful, shocking and disturbing. It is a portrait of Aisha, a shy 18-year-old Afghan woman who was sentenced by a Taliban commander to have her nose and ears cut off for fleeing her abusive in-laws.

Aisha posed for the picture and says she wants the world to see the effect a Taliban resurgence would have on the women of Afghanistan, many of whom have flourished in the past few years.

Her picture is accompanied by a powerful story by our own Aryn Baker on how Afghan women have embraced the freedoms that have come from the defeat of the Taliban — and how they fear a Taliban revival.”,8599,2007269,00.html

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Firing an illumination round

Cpl. Ryan Thayer, a squad leader of 2nd Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 2, and Cpl. Jonathan Roblespaul, a section leader with Alpha Co., duck while firing an illumination round from their M224 60 mm light weight mortar firing tube at Combat Outpost Cafferetta, June 26, to light the sky and expose any enemy fighters from planting improvised explosive devices nearby. “In Now Zad, we have been getting hit with improvised explosive devices along our resupply routes. Last night an observation post reported seeing some suspicious activity,” Thayer said. “We fired illumination rounds to let them know we see them, and if they want to keep putting IED’s in the ground, we are going to take them out.” Photo by Cpl. Daniel Blatter

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85% of Drug Traffickers arrested in Mexico are Set Free

“Only 1.5 of every 10 individuals charged with drug trafficking and murder in Mexico ends with a sentence, while the remaining of the 85% go free for lack of evidence even if the PAN government brags about their arrests in the media.

It is a ritual that takes place almost every day: people accused of drug trafficking and murder are paraded before the media to show that Mexico is winning its war against drugs.

But once the camera lights go out, three-quarters of them are released.”

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Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Pakistanis view US as enemy


Despite billions in aid from Washington and a shared threat from extremists, Pakistanis have an overwhelmingly negative view of the United States, according to results of a Pew Research Center poll released Thursday.

Most Pakistanis want improved relations with the United States, according to the poll. But most view the U.S. with suspicion, support for American involvement in the fight against extremists has declined, and nearly two-thirds want U.S. troops out of neighboring Afghanistan.

Nearly six in 10 Pakistanis polled described the U.S. as an enemy and only one in 10 called it a partner.

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South Carolina Town: ordinance would ban illegals from living or working here.

“SC town councilor takes on illegals – Far from the front lines in the battle over immigration, a South Carolina town is weighing an ordinance that would effectively ban illegals from living or working there.

Walter Bailey: “I thought it was outrageous when, by default, the State of Arizona has to go in there and do the job the Federal Government ought to be doing, instead of showing appreciation for that, and supporting Arizona, the Federal Government sues them.”

Video here:

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