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Gun Sales Outpace Post 9/11 Era

From Sentinel Source:

Gun shop owners have never seen such a surge in sales —not after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, not in reaction to mass shootings, not even when Category 5 hurricanes threatened to flatten South Florida.

“Our sales are up 80 percent, with a huge increase in first-time buyers who are worried about martial law, economic collapse, unemployment, shortages, delinquents roaming the streets,” said Alex Elenberg, manager of Charlie’s Armory on West Flagler Street. “If you can’t defend your house and your family, what good are you?”

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The Dangers Of Waiting Periods

From Breitbart:

The National Rifle Association (NRA) notes that coronavirus shutdowns resulting in the closure of gun stores in various states demonstrate that gun controls the left once pushed as “reasonable” have become anything but.

Ironically, all the “reasonable” gun controls now contribute to a scenario where law-abiding citizens cannot acquire firearms for self-defense.

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Why Gun Stores Are Critical

From The Federalist:

Americans are turning out in droves to purchase firearms. In times of crisis, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe must be certain. America is entering into an unsettled time, and hundreds of thousands of Americans, many of whom have never owned a gun before, are taking action.

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Guns Are Integral Part Of U.S. Economy

Quick video on the gun business:

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