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Weatherby Moves From California To Wyoming

From San Louis Obispo:

Weatherby is the latest gun industry manufacturer to move its operations to Wyoming in the last five years from states that were not seen as friendly to the gun industry. Several companies, including Magpul Industries, moved their manufacturing operations to Wyoming from Colorado after Colorado lawmakers enacted stricter limits on the sale of firearms accessories.

More gun manufacturers need to do the same. Looking at you Springfield, Remington et al.

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Col. Cooper’s Colors Re-Examined

From BreachBangClear:

In Cooper’s original intent, one could scale from Condition White, in which one is completely unprepared for combat, to Condition Red, in which one is psychologically committed to combat, regardless of whether the fight has actually begun or not. Essentially, he recognized many people must mentally gear up for violence, and his code traced that progression to help the mental switch.

That is not, however, how Cooper’s Colors are generally used in the modern firearms training world.

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“Bump Fire” Doesn’t Require A Bump Stock

MAC demonstrates bump fire without a special device:

No external or internal devices were used to increase the rate of fire of this rifle @nationalrifleassociation . This is a bone stock AK with nothing but a finger. STOP the NRA and BATF from changing the law, through the misuse of rule making, to ban “rate increasing devices” like my finger, or @geissele 3-Gun triggers, or even magazines based on their capacity. Jan 25th the ATF is going to announce their rule change, pushed by the NRA, that will leave the door wide open for the next anti-gun administration to impose Canadian type restrictions on Americans with the stroke of a pen, no act of Congress will be required. GET IN THE FIGHT AND TELL THE NRA TO STOP BACKING ANTIGUN LAWS! This video makes Marion Hammer, the NRA Fudd, have nightmares. @gunownersofamerica @coppercustom #triggerpuller #pewpew #guns #mac #2amendment #2a #molonlabe #tactical #firearms #merica #freedom #gunlife #shooting #militaryarms #military #gunporn @weaponsdaily @gunwebsites @gunchannels_ @brownellsinc @gunfreaks #brownells @cameraman.mac #goa #gunownersofamerica @forgedfromfreedom #forgedfromfreedom

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Government Unable To Purchase Illegal Firearms Online

From IJR:

Our covert testing involving GAO agents attempting to purchase firearms illegally on the Surface Web were unsuccessful. Specifically, private sellers on Surface Web gun forums and in classified ads were unwilling to sell a firearm to our agents that self-identified as being prohibited from possessing a firearm.

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