Mexican Drug Cartel Seize Texas Ranches; Laredo Police: “We have been advised to say nothing.”

“There’s a story unfolding in South Texas, of a possible hostile takeover of two Texas ranches located near Laredo by a Mexican drug cartel. The source of the story, the site Diggers Realm which posted they’d received a tip-off two Texas ranches located south of Laredo had been seized by a Mexican drug cartel with the ranchers escaping without incident. According to Examiner. com, the local authorities, the Laredo Police Department, won’t officially confirm the story, while officials within the department, under conditions of anonymity, confirmed a Mexican drug cartel hostile takeover of the two Texas ranches with the Laredo Police Department seeking help from the Federal government. DBKP talked with the spokesperson for Chief Carlos Maldonaldo of the Laredo Police Dept. who told us:

“We have been advised to say nothing. The Webb County Sheriff is taking the lead on this and they’re advising that they can’t confirm anything either.”

Why “take the lead” if something hasn’t occurred?”

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