Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network

Dealing with the legal aftermath of a self-defense shooting

“The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, LLC is an organization of gun owners pooling their strength to protect one another when, after using a gun in self defense, a member comes under scrutiny of the legal system.

Just as the earliest labor unions were mere groups of workers joined together to prevent abuse of individual workers, Network members have joined, not because they expect to get in a shooting, but because they are well aware of the abuses the legal system can enact against the innocent man or women forced to use a gun to defend self or family.”

Get two free informative PDF bookletss (and they’re really free, no log-in, they don’t ask for info, just click and download).

One helps you learn more about self-defense law and what happens in the criminal justice system after a self-defense shooting. The other is a free 46-page PDF telling the story of a Tucson, AZ man, assaulted in his own driveway by three people and the two trials he went through defending against criminal charges the Pima County prosecutor brought against him not once, but twice, in the wake of the attack.

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