“I Don’t Love Guns. I Just Love What My Gun Protects.”

by Tim Schmidt

“I guess that headline isn’t 100 percent true, because I really do love guns.

The point I’m trying to make here is that many people forget that the firearm is only a tool. It’s simply a means to an end. I carry a gun because it’s one of the most effective tools that I’m aware of for self-defense.

I carry a gun because I’ve made the personal decision that the person who is 100 percent responsible for the safety of my loved ones is named Tim Schmidt.

I carry a gun because I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I was ever in a situation where I couldn’t protect my wife and kids.

I carry a gun because it is one of the many personal protection layers that I’ve created for myself.

I carry a gun because while I expect and hope for good and perfect outcomes, I understand that evil will always exist in our world.

I carry a gun because my daughter and my wife each believe that no matter what happens, her daddy and her husband will always be able to protect her.

I carry a gun because I want to teach my kids that it will someday be their responsibility to protect their loved ones.

I carry a gun because I LOVE life.

I carry a gun because I am a responsibly armed citizen.

Tim Schmidt
President and CEO USConcealedCarry.com

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