NZ Puts Collectible Guns On Confiscation List


Several vintage rifles from yesteryear — some out of production for nearly a century– are on the list including the Remington Model 8, Winchester 1907, the M1 Garand, and various examples of the French MAS series. Rare Heckler & Koch wooden-stocked sporting rifles, like the HK 630 and HK 770, have likewise been targeted for destruction. Have a  Mossberg 500 with a 6-shell tube? It’s on the list alongside the Beretta A300 and Benelli Super Nova.
New Zealand’s Council of Licensed Firearms Owners, or COLFO, a pro-gun group, has warned they may seek legal action. The group has stated that the proposed compensation for those forced to hand over their firearms to the government may be a sour deal for many.

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