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Russia Flew Bombers Near US Coast on July 4

From Fox17:

According to the report from FOX News, two bombers flew off the coast of Alaska at 10:30am and then off the coast of Central California at 11:00am EST. The bombers are capable of carrying nuclear weapons, although NORAD did not confirm if the bombers were armed at the time of intercept. The bombers did not cross into U.S. airspace but how close they came has not been revealed. A similar incident took place on July 4th of 2013.

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Russia Creating Arctic Military Command

From TASS:

The formation of the Arctic military command is part of Russia’s ongoing extensive program to build up military presence in the Arctic. Last March, President Vladimir Putin said that the armed forces’ training and development efforts should incorporate measures to increase the combat component of the Arctic group. The Defense Ministry has since made several steps along these lines.


The minister told a session of the Defense Ministry’s Public Council that restoration of airfields was launched recently at the Novosibirsk Islands and on Franz Josef Land, airfields were being reconstructed in Tiksi, Naryan-Mar, Alykel, Vorkuta, Anadyr and Rogachevo, to defend national interests in the region.

This comes on the heels of Russian bombers flying close to Alaskan air space and Eastern Europe intrusions.

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Russian Aircraft Intercepted Near Alaska

From Christian Science Monitor:

Lt. Col. Michael Jazdyk, a spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, said the U.S. jets intercepted the planes about 55 nautical miles (88 kilometers) from the Alaskan coast at about 7 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday.

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Air Force To Review Morale In Global Strike Program

From Military Times:

Under the program, a group of military members, civilian employees and industry representatives traveled to missile bases in Global Strike Command to speak with junior officers and enlisted airmen about their workload, leadership and family issues. Preliminary recommendations focus on ways to increase incentive pay, and improve base infrastructure and accolades for airmen in the community. “Quick look action teams” formed following the review are finalizing their recommendations to Air Force leaders, which are expected within weeks.

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