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First Manned Test Of New Carrier Arresting Gear

From USNI News:

The landing of the Super Hornet marks the start of manned aircraft tests for the system that was also installed in parallel on Gerald R. Ford (CVN-76) — currently finishing construction.

The facility in New Jersey had arrested simulated dead loads and jet cars ahead of the first manned arrested landing with the Super Hornet from Naval Strike Aircraft Test Squadron 23 (VX-23) on March 31, according to a General Atomics statement.
“More than 1,200 successful dead load arrestments have been completed at the Jet Car Test Site in Lakehurst, New Jersey,” stated Dean Key with General Atomics said in the statement.
“Now, with the arrestment of aircraft, we take an important step in verifying the dynamic controls and system performance as a whole.”

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F-18 Pilots Experiencing Problems

From Defense Media Network:

“Since 2009, the Department of the Navy has noticed a rise in hazard reports, known as HAZREPS, regarding physiological episodes in the Navy’s F/A-18 and EA-18G fleets,” Turner said.

“We’ve been informed that the Navy has organized a Physiological Episode Team,to investigate and determine the causes of these physiological episodes in aviators.  As symptoms related to depressurization, tissue hypoxia and contaminant intoxication overlap, discerning a root cause is a complex process.

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Inside The Cockpit

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