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Unmanned Naval Fighter Operates With Manned Aircraft

From Defense Media Network:

The Navy’s unmanned X-47B returned to carrier operations aboard RooseveltAug. 17, with the X-47B team focused on perfecting deck operations and performing maneuvers with manned aircraft in the flight pattern.

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MQ-9 UCAV Becoming Hot Export

From Defense Industry Daily:

MQ-9 operators currently include the USA and Britain, who have both used it in hunter-killer mode, and Italy. Other countries are also expressing interest, and international deployments are accelerating.

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Stealth Drones

Via Danger Room:

…the Avenger is capable of staying in the air for up to 20 hours, and operating at up to 50,000 feet. Powered by a 4,800-lb. thrust Pratt & Whitney PW545B jet engine, it can fly at over 400 knots — 50 percent faster than the turboprop-powered Reaper unmanned plane, and more than three times as quick as the Predator.

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