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21-gun Salute Cancelled Because “Gun Violence”

From Bearing Arms:

For more than a decade, ROTC cadets at the University of Virginia have held a 24-hour vigil each Veterans Day that concludes with a 21-gun salute to those who’ve served. This year, however, the guns of November will fall silent after the university’s president announced that the tradition is over, in part because of concerns about gun violence.

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Veterans Day’s Origins

From Breitbart:

Many Americans have no idea why we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11. Those who know that the holiday began as Armistice Day typically think of it as a day of victory and peace.

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A Remembrance For Veterans Day

From IJR:

My grandfather, a World War II veteran, died of cancer when I was 15 years old. He hadn’t talked much about the war — when asked, he always repeated the same two stories: one about eating canned spaghetti for Christmas dinner and the other about a kind Belgian woman who had let him pass a cold night in her basement, despite knowing she could be killed for helping an American soldier.

But PopPop, as we called him, never told us a lot of things — and in the months and years after his death, a picture began to take shape.

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