Slovakian boxer teaches two idiots a valuable lesson

This video shows a couple of idiot “happy slappers” setting up a complete stranger for a beating that their friend, perched in a tree with a camera, is going to film. Evidently these two losers think blind-siding innocent strangers and catching it on camera is funny.

A guy walks by with his girlfriend and one of the idiots smacks her. What they don’t know is that the guy is a boxer, and he gives them a valuable lesson.

Being passive, weak and unprepared is not a virtue. You cannot protect the people you love from bullies like this if you are not willing to take immediate and intense action. This boxer not only protected his girlfriend, he provided a valuable service to society by making these two idiots think twice before attacking another stranger in the future.

They were stupid enough that he had to knock them down more than once before they started to catch on that maybe this was not a good idea.

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