Geert Wilders facing criminal charges – for telling the truth about radical Islam.

Wilders is one of a dozen European politicians voicing voters’ concerns at the growth of radical Islam on the continent. He told the judges that he has nothing against Muslims, but that he does oppose the “Islamization” of the Netherlands because he believes “Islam is diametrically opposed to freedom.”

Wilders has requested that no more Muslim immigrants to be allowed in his country.

Col. Bob Maginnis (USA-Ret.) argues that Wilders is simply telling the truth.

“When you find that the continent of Europe…is beginning to implode and be overtaken by immigrants, most of which are Muslim, and they’re building their own communities, refusing to inculcate the culture, refusing to embrace the language and insist upon changing the entire facade of western Europe, no wonder you have this gentleman in the Netherlands, this politician who [argues that] the Islamization of the Netherlands is something that is upon us, and if we want to save our culture, we’d better do something about it.”

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