Should Congress be required to read all legislation prior to voting on it?

Interesting thread on Reddit:

tonster181: Regardless of political affiliation, isn’t it important that our representatives read the legislation that they are enacting prior to voting it into law?

I know in the private sector I’d never sign a contract without reading it in full. I sort of equate legislation with a contract, as they are binding documents into law and many congressmen (and women) don’t bother to even read what they are agreeing to or disagreeing with.

I find it abhorrent that congress would vote things into law without reading it. This is sheer laziness in my opinion.

largestinteger: One thing that might seriously help would be to adopt this line from the Constitution of the Confederate States of America.

“Every law, or resolution having the force of law, shall relate to but one subject, and that shall be expressed in the title.”

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