UK Soldier Throws Back A Live Grenade

From the Helmand Blog

Rifleman McKie

Rifleman McKie sustained fragmentation injuries to his right arm and face as the grenade exploded mid air, close to where he stood.

Fragmentation also hit his Platoon Commander Captain Graeme Kerr who sustained injuries to his leg and who is recovering at Selly Oak Hospital in the UK.

“We were in a high position on a compound roof. There was no way you could throw yourself off and not get injured, so I made a decision to pick up the grenade and throw it off the roof. And I threw it quite deliberately. I tried to throw it properly, to clear the roof. I didn’t want to do it half arsed and have them throw it back at us or anything like that. I remember thinking that if I didn’t pull this off, it was going to hurt. But at that stage I was pretty much committed.


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