is a website dedicated to alerting users to recent crimes in their area. The website requires that users register with the site to receive updates and alerts using an email and a password. One reason for the registration is the site needs a place to send the alert. While the site may be good for alerting citizens of recent crimes the site itself is not very easy to use. Searching the site for specific crimes in an area is made tedious because they use text fields and drop down menus. An overhaul of the user interface is needed to keep pace with modern websites. The information I did find was very detailed, including pictures of suspects, incident information and phone numbers of local law enforcement to call in tips. A link to FBI data is provided on the site, however it is a direct link to the FBI’s website and not FBI data provided on the CrimeWeb site itself. The information on CrimeWeb is excellent, finding what you are looking for is difficult.


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