Surefire M620V – Infrared Light without a Filter

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Scout Light® WeaponLight – White and IR Output

Surefire M620V

Surefire M620V

Fountain Valley, CA — SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, has unveiled a new lightweight LED WeaponLight capable of seamlessly switching from white to infrared light-no IR filter required. The new 620V, the latest in SureFire’s Scout Light® line, features a high-output white-light and IR LED in one sealed unit, both of which are fully selectable on the fly. And for military and law enforcement personnel who rely upon both white and infrared light to conduct their business, the 620V represents a major technological advancement.

Previously, if an operator wanted high-output white and IR light from one light source, the best option was an incandescent WeaponLight paired with an infrared filter. This is because white-light LEDs produce negligible infrared radiation and cannot be paired with an infrared filter for use on covert missions involving night vision devices (NVDs). However, incandescent lamps can break and will eventually burn out, and filters can be lost or damaged in the heat of battle, which made it necessary for operators to carry extra lamps and/or filters in the field. The 620V eliminates this problem by offering both white-light/IR capability and superior durability. Durability specifically in the form of weather-sealed, solid-state LEDs, which, unlike incandescent lamps, have no filament to break or burn out, so they never need replacing.

By incorporating a selectable white and IR light LED into one head, SureFire has given operators the ability to switch from a 150 lumens of blinding white light to 120 mW of invisible (to the naked eye) infrared light in under a second. A Total Internal Reflection lens focuses the light in either mode to create a beam with plenty of reach and enough surround light to accommodate peripheral vision, making the 620V suitable for both close-quarter and longer-range applications. And to ensure the WeaponLight never accidentally switches modes in the heat of combat, a spring-loaded selector ring automatically locks in place when a mode is selected.

Along with eliminating the need to carry spare lamps and filters in the field, fewer spare batteries are also needed with this new Scout Light. This is because LEDs operate far more efficiently than incandescent lamps. The 620V generates nearly two hours of tactical-level (enough to temporarily overwhelm night-adapted eyesight) white light on a set of batteries, or eight hours of useful infrared light on that same set.

The light itself won’t bog down a weapon or add to an operator’s load, either. It’s constructed of aerospace aluminum, hard anodized with a Mil-Spec finish, that’s as strong as steel but much lighter. And its compact size-less than six inches long and under eight ounces-doesn’t compromise a weapon’s maneuverability or eat up a lot of space on an accessory rail. A quick-attach/detach throw-lever mount securely attaches the 620V to any Picatinny rail, even out-of-spec ones, in seconds. And an included tape switch gives an operator the choice of activating the light via tailcap switching or, for even more surgical control, via the pressure-sensitive tape switch.

The Scout Light 620V is available in black or tan (Desert Sand) and retails for $550. For more information visit SureFire at

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