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This story about the SBS, one of my favorite and little known SPEC OPS units,  is from Sun back in August of 2003.

The Secret Service
New logo … for Commandos from the
elite Special Boat Service

Chief Reporter

COMMANDOS from the elite Special Boat Service are getting their own logo ? to help them become as famous as the legendary SAS.

Navy top brass reckon the undercover unit are just TOO secret and deserve more public recognition.

Now a special cap badge has been designed to replace the Royal Marines logo members wear on their green berets.

The SBS is also changing its Not By Strength, By Guile motto to the snappier By Strength and Guile.

The makeover is part of an attempt by Royal Navy chiefs to match the SAS’s macho Who Dares Wins image. The new SBS logo shows a dagger facing upwards, with two blue lines through it portraying ocean waves.
Macho … SAS badge
The SAS cap badge has a downward dagger with wings to underline their role in parachuting behind enemy lines. Since the early 1990s, the SAS and the SBS have been under joint control of the same Director of Special Forces. Both units do similar tasks and work together on missions. But the SAS almost always gets recognition and has been credited with SBS operations.
An SBS insider said: “We seldom get the kind of credit the SAS gets.
“Yet we are as highly trained and feel we are even tougher. Getting our own badge is a massive step forward and we’ll wear it with pride.”
The SBS have built up a formidable reputation as a ruthless and daring unit. They specialise in counter-terrorism, beach reconnaissance, sabotage and oil platform and large ship assault.
The SBS’s most famous action man was ex-Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown.
The Special Boat Section was created in 1940.
It became the Special Boat Squadron after the Second World War and the Special Boat Service in the 1980s.

The Sun’s Military Adviser

BRITISH special forces have always been recognised as the best in the world.

The SBS have not received the publicity due to them.

The reluctance of the MoD even to admit to special forces operations has not helped their cause.

The SAS and SBS each have proud histories fighting behind enemy lines.

Their quality makes them the most cost-effective forces in the world.

Although SBS operations have been less well publicised, they have been in the best tradition of British special forces.

Having had both SAS and SBS under my command in various operations I can vouch for that.

This at last gives the SBS their own well-earned, well-deserved identity.

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