Why Chicago shooting deflates anti-gun philosophy everywhere.

by Dave Workman, Seattle Gun Rights Examiner

“The older man, a Korean War veteran, was robbed at gunpoint in his house last year of $150 by three thugs. In reaction, he bought a handgun and, according to his son, vowed he would not be a victim again.

“I’d have done the same thing. They say we’ve got to give up our guns, but that’s crazy.”—Audrey Williams, neighbor

In the aftermath, gun prohibitionist groups are silent. It appears clear the older man will not be charged for violating the city’s handgun ban, thanks to a 2004 Illinois statute that protects homeowners who use handguns to defend themselves, even if having the gun violates a local handgun ban ordinance.

Why does this case sound the death knell for the gun control movement? Public sympathy is decidedly supportive of the older man. Demagogues like Daley, and other anti-gunners … better pay attention.

Sadly, it takes incidents such as this to illustrate to the public why onerous gun control measures that disarm law-abiding citizens but not criminals are simply wrong. People are beginning to increasingly understand this.”


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