Treating Muslims like adults

by Lewis Loflin:

Definition of Islamists, Islamo-fascism: any form of civil or political Islam.

Islam in any political sense isn’t compatible with the US Constitution or modern civilized society.

Muslims should be welcome to keep it in their homes and mosques, but it must be utterly rejected in any civil or legal sphere. That means taking a rational inquiry into Muslim culture. Asking these questions are not racism or Islamophobia, but a right under the Constitution, the only basis of law in America.

Jews for example, have never demanded special treatment in public schools. We have never banned pork nor do we install special religious anything, including baths, etc for them. So who are Muslims to demand special treatment?

It isn’t uncommon to trash each others religion in the West, it’s part of free speech even if distasteful or just plain ignorant. But we have no group that threatens violence or murder in the streets as some Muslims do. They demand we respect Islam, and I agree.

They can be treated like everyone else and expected to act like Americans, British, etc.

It’s time to treat Muslims as adults and hold them directly responsible for their actions with no excuses, and to reassert our traditional values and culture as well. That means no form of Muslim civil or family courts are to be tolerated. There will be the strict enforcement of laws against any Muslim, Hindu, or even Christian custom that violates American civil law.”

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