Modeling and Simulation for Defense Conference

Modeling and Simulation for Defense Conference
August 03 – 04 2010,  Orlando, FL

From: IDGA

Simulation technology allows for the military to understand all possible scenarios and outcomes before stepping foot onto the battlefield. With an increasing number of troops overseas, the need for situational training has becomes greater and greater. Not only does the soldier need to know how to respond to an emergency situation such as a nuclear or biological attack, they also need to have training in social, cultural and behavioural situations as troops continue to interact with foreigners on a day-to-day basis.

Modeling and Simulation for Defense attendees will have the unique opportunity to share ideas and network with this niche community about the following topics:

  • Modeling human, social, cultural, and behavioral dynamics
  • Realistic representations of possible futures for different courses of action
  • National disaster response simulation
  • Integrated Live, Virtual, Constructive Environment
  • M&S acquisition
  • CBRN and terrorism first responder situations

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