Mexican Hitman: “…you see how the people end up, their heads shot to pieces. It gets ingrained in your mind”

Hitman's home state of Durango

“Everybody is a cartel killer these days, he said. Drug dealers, addicts, low-level cops, teenagers. “They kill women and children, they’re very careless,” he said, insisting he was a professional since his first execution at age 17.

“I killed, cut off heads,” he said coldly.

Now in this late 30s, he worked for years along the U.S. border, in the states of Baja California, Sinaloa and Sonora.

He says at first he was nervous, shaking. He did it drugged, but he knew how to handle a handgun because he had been well-trained as a police officer in his home state of Durango, northwestern Mexico.”,_cut_off_heads_says_repentant_Mexico_hitman.html?cid=9130640

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