Nebraska City to Restrict Illegal Immigration

“FREEMONT, Neb. – This small Nebraska meatpacking town has joined Arizona at the center of a national debate about illegal immigration after voters approved a ban on hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants, but an expected court challenge could keep the measure from ever taking effect.”

My favorite comment on this article was, “That’s funny that the “American Civil Liberties” is going to file a stoppage.  I guess they don’t stick by their name when they say “American”… not sure what Illegal Immigrants have to do with being American.”

I get tired of people responding to any objection to illegal immigration with, “But we are a nation of immigrants!” You want to immigrate? Fine, do it legally. I have a friend who tried for years to become a citizen legally, went through all the hoops, and now, today, is a citizen of the USA. Why should someone be able to disregard our imigration laws and then expect to be accepted as a legitimate citizen? If you want to come here, do it legally, and don’t expect us to look the other way when the first thing you do when you step foot on our soil is to break our laws.

Oh, and then the accusations start about “being a hater” or “being racist”. Nope. Sorry, not buying that. It is not that I hate immigrants, it is that I love my country and I object to anyone disrespecting it’s laws. If you come here, live by our rules. If you don’t like our rules, don’t come here. Or go somewhere that has rules you like. It’s pretty simple – and it has nothing to do with hate.

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