Illinois State Police revokes appointment of agency’s first Muslim chaplain

Kifah Mustapha

“CHICAGO — The Illinois State Police has revoked the appointment of the agency’s first Muslim chaplain… A national Muslim advocacy group [CAIR – the Council on American-Islamic Relations]… blamed the move on Islamophobia.

Kifah Mustapha, a Chicago-area imam, was appointed the agency’s first Muslim chaplain in December…But within days, the appointment came under criticism from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, a Washington-based think tank.

The group alleged that Mustapha was linked to the Palestine Committee of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, a popular movement in the Muslim world that advocates the formation of Islamic governments in the Middle East. It also alleged he raised money for the Holy Land Foundation, a now-defunct Islamic charity whose founders were sentenced last year for funneling money to the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

Steve Emerson, executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, on Wednesday defended the group’s original report, saying it merely published content linking Mustapha to fundraising for terrorists…Emerson dismissed charges of Islamophobia as “empty diversions and without merit”

Prepare to hear this more and more often: the deeply-wounded, offended cries of “Islamophobia!”, and accusations of discrimination against Muslims. It’s a tactic used to intimidate and silence anyone who objects to radical Islam or interferes with their efforts to establish a beach head in our society. It’s an attempt to use our tolerance and generosity against us.

It has worked very well in the Netherlands. If you take the time to look carefully you will see how a brilliant strategy unfolded: using the openness of a society to establish and consolidate a base of political and financial power and to then begin exerting that power to change the host culture.

Shouting accusations of “Islamophobia!” is a clever strategy because there is much about Islam that you don’t need to fear. Extremists can hide behind that. It’s the bits that threaten values we hold dear that we should be concerned about. It is as simple and profound – and as effective – as the Trojan horse. They played out that strategy brilliantly in Europe.

Are Americans going to be smart enough to see through it?

If Islamists can bully you into sitting down and being quiet, they can carry on pressing towards the clearly stated goal of bringing Islam to power all over the planet.

Think that’s crazy? Paranoid? Compare the UK and Europe of today with what those countries were like 20 years ago.

Not that the growth of radical Islam within our borders is the biggest threat America faces, or the most urgent, but don’t kid yourself: it is a very real threat. If we are complacent and passive, then radical Islamists will continue to hide behind the screen of “religion”. They use our tolerance against us, push forward and feel justified in taking more and more power since, in their eyes, we are obviously weak and corrupt.

They don’t have to use AK-47s and RPGs. They can build a voter base and vote in politicians. As Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed said, “We will use your democracy to destroy your democracy.”

It would be great if we could all just get along, give each other the space to believe whatever we choose, and follow whatever god or life principle we want – but when someone talks about destroying democracy that places them solidly in the “enemy” box.

If you think the only war, the only jihad, that America is engaged in is way over there in Afghanistan and Iraq, you are mistaken. It’s happening here, it’s been happening for years now. You can see it unfolding in supermarkets, neighborhoods and “schools”. We accept it quietly because “everybody knows” how important tolerance and diversity are.

See the beauty of this strategy? The fact is, tolerance and diversity ARE important, and if the enemy can keep you focused on that while you are dragging the giant horse statue inside the city walls, then they are very close to winning. Or at least causing you a great deal of trouble.

And if we object? “What’s your problem?!” they shout, “It’s just a horse statue. How can a horse statue hurt you? What have you got against horses?!”

But it’s not the horse that worries me.

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