Mexican killers disquised themselves as Mexican Marines(Graphic Content)

Three vehicles recovered in the murder of Rodolfo Torre Cantú,  candidate for governor, were altered to look like military vehicles.

Here’s a news flash: Americans living in border states are not mean-spirited bigots with racist hatred of anyone with brown skin.

They are good, hardworking people who do not want this kind of violence spilling across the border into their back yards, and who object to people showing complete disregard to the laws of the United States.

“Sources close to the investigation carried out by the Attorney General of Tamaulipas and the PGR report that sicarios were disguied as Mexican Marines who apparently had inside information of the PRI candidate [Rodolfo Torre Cantú], and managed to execute the ambush in full military precision.

According to information published by the newspaper Reforma, witnesses report that the candidate’s convoy was passed by a truck that suddenly started traveling at low speed and a a few feet ahead of the the road was tractor trailer that was used to block the road.

Once the procession was forced to stop, two cloned trucks, made to look like military vehicles, came from behind and from inside numerous men that appeared to be wearing marine uniforms got out of their vehicles.”

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