Canadian Muslim immigrant charged with plotting genocide of Canadian Jews

After police visited Mr Hossain at his suburban home in Mississauga, Ontario in 2007, he wrote: "You can't charge me for possessing a thought."

“A Muslim immigrant who called for “the slaughter of Jews” in online postings has become the first person to be charged with promoting genocide in Canada, police said on Friday.

Salman Hossain, a 25-year-old from Bangladesh who apparently left Canada in May, was charged with five counts of promoting hatred and advocating or promoting genocide over postings on his website and blog, as well as on a third-party website, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) said.

He “wilfully promoted hatred and advocated genocide of the Jewish community,” said a statement.

Mr Hossain, who immigrated to Canada as a child, openly called for “violent regime change in Western nations in order to remove the presence of Jews” and “the slaughter of Jews,” according to reports.

He also advocated terrorist attacks in Canada, cheered the killing of Canadian troops in Afghanistan, and urged fellow Muslims to overthrow the “Jewish-run Canadian government”.”

He immigrated as a child to a peaceful, tolerant (maybe too tolerant?) country – Canada – and yet, when he grew up to be a young man he actively and openly advocated killing Jews and committing terrorist attacks in Canada. Why? Where did he learn this? Where was his loyalty to Canada, the country that took him and his family in?

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