Family of Pakistani Christian murdered by Muslim mob: “the community did not want ‘scum’ in it.”

Jhelum, Punjab Province

Pakistan (MNN) ― A Pakistani Christian mourns the loss of his family after a Muslim mob murdered his wife and four children, according to Compass Direct News.

Jamshed Masih, a police officer, moved his family to Mustafa Colony after he was transferred from Gujrat to Jhelum, Punjab Province.

When the predominantly-Muslim community learned of the family’s faith, Maulana Mahfooz Khan, a Muslim religious leader, approached Masih and told him and his family to leave, saying the community did not want “scum” in it. He said no non-Muslims had ever been able to live there and the residents feared the family would be a bad influence on their children.

A short time later, a Muslim mob, led by Khan, arrived at the house, accusing him of blasphemy against Muhammad.

Before police or Masih arrived, the family was murdered.

Now, local authorities refuse to press charges against Khan and his mob because they fear what he will do to them.”

Another expression of tolerance from the Religion of Peace.

Note a key phrase in this article: “predominantly-Muslim community”. That is significant. There are neighborhoods in the UK that even the police hesitate to enter. Yes, you guessed it: the “predominantly-Lutheran community”. No. For some strange reason we don’t have a lot of trouble with the Lutherans and the Baptists and the Catholics – at least not here in the US.

Most Americans have no idea of how disruptive to a culture a “predominantly-Muslim community” can be. They know in the Netherlands. They know in the UK. They know in Dearborn, Michigan. But until there is a sort of critical mass, until the numbers get high enough, you don’t see stories of angry mobs killing women and children, burning churches.

Maybe we’ll be fine. Maybe our “predominantly-Muslim communities” here in the United States will be as friendly and open and kind and generous and reasonable as the “predominantly-Buddhist communities”. They don’t have a very good track record, though, which makes me nervous.

Muslim Protesters in Europe.

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