New Report: terror threat should be defined in order to fight it.

“In the report, scheduled to be released this week, counterterrorism experts from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy argue that the U.S. could clearly articulate the threat from radical Islamic extremists “without denigrating the Islamic religion in any way.”

“The administration…has to separate discussion of Islam as a religion from the radical Islamic ideology that is producing and fueling global insurgencies.”

Sen. Joe Lieberman

“…the failure to identify our enemy for what it is – violent Islamist extremism – is offensive and contradicts thousands of years of accepted military and intelligence doctrine to ‘know your enemy.'” – Sen. Joe Lieberman

The other side of that argument?

Counter Terror Deputy John Brennan

“…using ‘Islamic extremist’ and other variations of that phrase does not bring us closer to this objective. Rather, the phrase lumps a diverse set of organizations, with different motivations, goals, capabilities and justifications for their actions, into a single group in a way that may actually be counterproductive.” – counter terror deputy John Brennan

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