DISCLOSE Act: Warning from The National Association for Gun Rights

Harry Reid

Dear gun rights ally,

The fate of free speech is being debated in the U.S. Senate RIGHT NOW.

Harry Reid’s midnight skulduggery has the DISCLOSE Act on the fast track to passage TOMORROW afternoon.

That’s right; Harry Reid and his anti-gun allies in the Senate are scheduled to shred the First Amendment tomorrow at 2:45pm EST.

And unless the American people stand up and say NO, they will succeed.

Please, call your senators and ask them to vote against and publicly oppose the DISCLOSE Act.

As you know, the DISCLOSE Act was written to protect the anti-gun Establishment in Washington, D.C.

If passed into law, it could silence virtually every state and national conservative organization in the country, including the National Association for Gun Rights and any state level gun rights organization you belong to.

The DISCLOSE Act is a direct attack on your First Amendment right to petition Congress and mention legislation or voting records during the election season.

You and I both know that election season is the best time to hold politicians accountable for their anti-gun votes.

The DISCLOSE Act is designed to silence grassroots activists LIKE YOU and protect the Establishment politicians in Washington.

The DISCLOSE Act will affect every political organization you belong to, on any and every issue.

To make matters even worse, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has joined an unholy cabal of liberal special interests like the Sierra Club, the AARP and countless labor unions.

Together they’ve managed to gain exemptions from the onerous restrictions the DISCLOSE Act would lay on the rest of us.

I strongly encourage you to contact the NRA at 800-672-3888 and demand that they stop the backroom deals and come out strongly in opposition to the DISCLOSE ACT.

In fact, Capitol insiders say that a special relationship between Harry Reid and the NRA may be the driving force behind their exemption.

Reid is facing a very tough re-election race in Nevada and is relying on the NRA to paint him as a pro-gun candidate. If he’s held accountable for his anti-gun votes, he will almost certainly lose.

So making a deal with the NRA while simultaneously silencing all of the pro-gun groups who would take him to task is Harry Reid’s perfect political move.

And it seems to be working. The NRA has all but endorsed him (see the June 2010 issue of the NRA magazine, with flattering pictures and flowery praise of Harry Reid) and he’s scheduled a final vote on DISCLOSE for tomorrow.

We are right in the middle of this battle! Reid’s pulled every trick in the book to ram through the DISCLOSE Act.

But there is a chance we can stop this monstrous violation of our Constitutional Rights — if you ACT right now.

Please, call your senators and ask them to vote against and publicly oppose the DISCLOSE Act.

Tell them that any vote to restrict free-speech will be considered a vote against gun owners.

– Dudley Brown


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