Four Bodies Found in Nuevo Laredo

“The bodies of four men, handcuffed and tortured, appeared on Sunday morning in front of the plaza in Nuevo Laredo, where the perpetrators of the crime also left a warning for the public, a police source said.

Very early in the day, the office of public safety, received a “report of four bodies that were left on la plaza,” said an official of the state agency.

The bodies were left along with a dead dog and cat in front of the “plaza de toros” bullring in Nuevo Laredo, which has a population of about 400,000 people and it’s the largest commercial frontier between Mexico and the United States.

“I was the one who threw the grenade into the sports complex, I was paid $500 (dollars),” read the message written on a cardboard on one of the victims, while the other three men killed where identified as the father, brother and brother-in-law of the former.

“The Nuevo Laredo people know who helps them, this is what is going to happen to all and their family,” said the written message about the victims who had not yet been identified.
On Wednesday Nuevo Laredo lived a day of fear from shootouts between gunmen and roadblocks that even left people trapped in cinemas and shops that were suddenly closed. Mexican soldiers fought late-night gunbattles with gangs who forced citizens from their cars and used the vehicles to block streets in a city across the border from Texas.

The Nuevo Laredo city government posted messages on Facebook warning citizens to stay indoors as the battles erupted at several intersections Wednesday night. Gangs used stolen cars and buses to block several main avenues in the city across from Laredo, Texas. Several residents called local newspapers to report thefts. “For your security, stay in your homes until the alert has passed,” the city government wrote on Facebook”

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