M-22 stress testing

“Following in the best time honored Carteach0 tradition of monkey curiosity coupled with the destructive ability of a small boy, testing of the ISSC M-22 continues. This time, a torture test involving a big stack of rimfire ammunition, and the noticeable lack of a cleaning kit. 500 rounds of function testing in one range visit, without cleaning.

Overall impressions of the M-22’s function during the extended run? Pretty good. Not perfect, and not flawless, but better than most other .22 autos might have done. In fact, better than any other .22 pistol in the Carteach0 armory just now. It’s entirely possible a quick shot of CLP every few hundred rounds, with a cursory wipe down, might be all that’s needed to keep the pistol chugging along like Thomas the Train.”


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