What is the best defensive pistol to carry?

by Carteach

“A defensive carry weapon must work, must be there, and be big enough to do the job at hand.

My opinion? The largest reliable pistol you can carry, comfortably concealed all day, that is the way to go.

As far as caliber is concerned … The biggest that will fit the pistol you will carry, and not so big that you won’t practice often.

Putting all this blather into real world reality, here are ‘Ol Carteach’s choices: For everyday carry, a Glock G-30 in .45acp. It’s reliable, reasonably powerful, surprisingly accurate, easy to shoot well, and on my large body it simply vanishes under a loose shirt. The full magazine of heavy .45acp loads is comforting, as the round has a long track record of success in defensive shooting.

For backup, or times when I cannot carry on my belt, a Taurus model 85 .38 special snubnose with +p ammunition. The old snubby is one of the original Taurus imports, and I have owned it almost 20 years now. It’s had thousands of rounds through it, and is quite reliable. For carry, it snuggles into a belly band and simply goes away, even under a loose T-shirt.”


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