Mission Spec IAS Irene Adaptive Sling vs Magpul MS2

One-Point to Two-Point Conversion — The IAS main function is it’s ability to convert from a one-point to two-point sling with extreme ease and speed. While in one-point mode the sling can be converted to two-point mode by simply attaching the front hook to the front sling point on a Weapon System. At this point the weapon system can be rotated onto the Operators back.

Do to the nature of a one-point sling, when in one-point mode the weapon can be fired from weapon side (strong side) or reaction side (weak side) without any problems.

Rapid Cinch — For added value, with the yank of one easily accessible pull strap, slack is removed from the sling cinching it closer and more secure to the Operator. When the Weapon System is needed, release tension on the pull strap by lifting on the Tension Lock with your weapon side hand. The sling will then return to its originally set length, no further. Rotate the weapon back to the Operators front side unhook the front sling point to return to one-point mode.

Safety — A Quick Detach feature of the entire sling system was a very important function of the IAS since its first days on the drawing board. The Quick Detach buckle is always located between the two hook points. If the Operator, for any reason, must abandon his or her weapon they can do so with the click of a button. The entire sling system including the Weapon System will then break away from the Operator. This was incorporated for ‘Worst Case’ scenario situations such as the Operator being pinned by his or her weapon (squad car flips over, weapon system is hung up, etc).

During the conversion process from one-point to two-point mode the weapon is secured to the Operator 100% of the time. If the Operator is surprised during the conversion process and releases control of the Weapon System it will not fall to the ground. No rifle in the dirt, no impacting optics on the concrete.

Ease of Use — Everything about the function of the IAS is easy and can be mastered with minimal training and repetition. A MASH hook design was selected for the connection points. There are no springs or latches to fail or be overly complicated. When time is life, simple is best. By gripping the hook and squeezing the hooks jaws are opened and ready to be attached or unattached from a weapons sling-point.


The Irene Adaptive Sling (IAS) is ready to fit any individual. The product will ship in its smallest configuration ready to fit an average person wearing no body armor. If it needs to be sized smaller, the Operator can remove lengths of the nylon webbing (it is recommended that you re-sear the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying).

99% of individuals will be able to size the IAS by adjusting the friction locks. Keeping larger individuals in mind (with or without body armor) we have included extra webbing material on the IAS that can be let out. The IAS ships at a length ready to accept an M4 length weapon system. This can be adjusted for longer/shorter weapon systems. Adjustment instructions are included with your IAS.


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