Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: They Poured Gasoline on Him and Lit a Match

They Took Him Out of the Vehicle, Poured Gasoline on Him, and Lit a Match

While more than 2,030 homicides have taken place in Ciudad Juarez during this year, the state attorney general prosecutors have only been able to find suspects in 67 of those cases, that is, one in every hundred. This is seen as a motivating factor for others to commit crimes, since the local perception is that killing has no consequences here.

Jesus Camarillo, a law professor at the University of Ciudad Juarez, said in an interview that, “In civilized societies, every conflict must be resolved by a third party, which is the State, now practically excluded, and then the conflict is resolved by private vengeance, and that is what we see presently: a state of barbarism, because the state’s presence is totally excluded, since there is no one to challenge crimes, no one to investigate them.”

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