Crime rampant in Nuevo Leon, Mexico – but as bad or worse in Texas

“Although Monterrey, Nuevo Leon is suffering through it’s worse security crisis in history, a report made public yesterday by the citizen awareness organizaion, Nuevo Leon Seguro, states crime rates in neighboring Texas cities are the same, if not worse.

The organization’s founder, Roel Santiago, said homicide and auto theft statistics in San Antonio and Houston, two cities which have become popular alternatives for emigrating regios seeking secure environments, are alarming to say the least and should be reviewed before choosing to abandon Monterrey.

The study is based on reported incidents of homicide, auto theft, rape, and assault in rates per 100,000 habitants in the following five cities: San Antonio, Houston, Monterrey, San Pedro, and San Nicolas.

While I most definitely agree, the U.S. is not exempt to violent crime, attempting to validate Monterrey’s non-existent security by publicizing butchered facts goes far and beyond the absurdity of ‘comparando peras con manzanas‘.

Even the simple comparison of homicide and auto theft statistics, on it’s own, is ludicrous.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s a hell of alot of difference between having your vehicle stolen from your local Walmart parking lot in Texas and having a 17 year old, AK-47 wielding cholo rip you and your family from your moving vehicle during a downtown Monterrey narco-bloqueo.

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