Mexico: Federal Police Fight Local Police

Sept, 8th Ixtepec, Oaxaca. A heavily armed group of Federal Preventive Police (PFP) attempted to retrieve fellow officers who were being detained at a local jail for public intoxication.

According to initial reports four PFP Officers were in a local bar known as “El Chicotazo” when they began drinking heavily and soon afterward started a fight with other patrons. The entire ordeal left the federal officers badly beaten. Upon arrival, the municipal police arrested the federal officers and several women who accompanied them during the brawl.

Within fifteen minutes a convoy of PFP descended on the jail with full force to rescue their comrades. Federal officers assaulted several municipals including Regino Guzman Colmenares who was in critical condition after his head was beaten against the cement floor with the butt of a rifle in the main office of the municipality after refusing to hand over cell keys.


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