Mexico: Four judicial police found decapitated in a truck

An official report says that about three in the afternoon on Saturday at a location known as Acapetlahuaya, in the municipality of General Canuto A. Neri authorities found the remains of six people that had been killed, four of them were dismembered.

State officials confirmed that the victims were identified as part of the group of judicial policemen that were reported missing, two others were killed yesterday and another was wounded.

Four judicial police were found decapitated in a truck belonging to the PIM, that was found abandoned at the intersection of Acapetlahuaya (municipality of Pedro Ascencio de Alquisiras), three more in a nearby gully and two others in the limits of Guerrero and Mexico State, where they also found the injured officer.

Next to the bodies was a sign with the following message: “This is what happens for supporting “Los Pelones.” Berna here I send them to you, although you sent them disguised as judicial police, I am returning them to you.”

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