Biggest Newspaper in Mexico’s most violent city will restrict drug war coverage.

AP – A man mourns in front of the coffin containing the body of Diario de Juarez newspaper photographer Carlos …

Terrorism wins: Journalism muzzled by fear of violence.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – The biggest newspaper in Mexico’s most violent city will restrict drug war coverage after the killing of its second journalist in less than two years, just as international press representatives will urge the government to make security for journalists a national priority.

In a front-page editorial Sunday, El Diario de Juarez asked drug cartels warring in this city across from El Paso, Texas, to say what they want from the newspaper, so it can continue its work without further death, injury or intimidation of its staff.

At least 22 Mexican journalists have been killed over the past four years, at least eight of them targeted because of their reports on crime and corruption, says the Committee to Protect Journalists, a U.S.-based media watchdog group that plans to present its report to Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Wednesday. At least seven other journalists have gone missing and more have fled the country, the report says.

Many media outlets, especially in border areas, have stopped covering the drug war. Until Sunday, El Diario was not one of them.;_ylt=ArQATucxvqH6bWOxrLzbGWN0fNdF

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